Mama's 4-Day Meal Plan

Meal planning is just one of those things that we've gotten very good at in this household. I am the first to admit the countless things that don't go according to plan at home, but dinner always does, so let me toot my horn and share some tips.

When I mentioned on instagram that dinner is the only stress-free part of our day, a lot of you asked for our "secrets". Well, there's nothing secretive about this. It requires a bit of organization and thinking ahead, but as far as the actual meals go, there's nothing incredibly unique about them! There are a million meal plans to be found online, but here's the basis of what works for us.

We keep things simple and adaptable. Fast, which for us is less than 40 minutes from opening the fridge to sitting at the table. Affordable - even though we buy organic and high quality when we can, we use all the ingredients in our fridge. We don't over commit. We plan for four nights a week. We plan and shop for the four hardest nights of the week, which in our opinion are Monday-Thursday. 

So, here are four tried, tested and true recipes that have some overlapping ingredients because we HATE waste. I am happy to answer any questions you have about the recipes/method/ingredients, etc but these are virtually foolproof!

My hope is that by sharing this you see how simple it can be to shop for a week of work-night dinners and feed your family a nutritious and delicious meal that you can sit down and eat together. 

Big thanks to my husband for helping me with this. He is an amazing chef and he is often the one cooking in our household, but the planning, prep and brainstorming we do together. 

So, there's plenty more tricks and plans up my sleeve. If you like these let  me know and I'll upload the next batch!

Chicken EnchiladasSalmon Cakes

Easy RaguMexican Egg Bake

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