From tiny seedlings a mighty tree grows.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, all of my waking hours were filled with anticipation. I was overjoyed and overcome by the sheer blessing of being on this magical journey to parenthood. Along with the excitement came some anxiety, too. It was the kind that keeps you up at night, as if it’s not hard enough to rest when you have a baby doing the disco in your womb and you’re basically only allowed to sleep on your left side. 

Being a part of an online community of other mamas-to-be played a huge role in helping me manage my anxiety. We supported and comforted each other when fear of the unknown set in. It was while corresponding with these other moms all around the world that I realized how important it is to have a village to support you on the whole journey.

During my pregnancy, when I would worry about all the things, I always did my best to channel an inner voice that said, "mama's got this". 

After 40 long weeks of pregnancy, and a powerful, yet also scary, labour and delivery, I joined the mama club. Just like that, I had to keep a tiny human alive. Being a new mom to my daughter, Aquinnah, was the greatest joy I've ever experienced, and also a million times harder than I had ever anticipated. I tell people that motherhood is "everything and more"—and it really, truly is. It's everything I was told it would be, but also more beautiful, rewarding, exhausting and stressful.

In the early months of motherhood, I really struggled with postpartum blues and feelings of isolation. I had been bestowed with the most incredible gift a woman can receive, yet I had never felt so sad. Fears of failure and self-doubt ran through my mind on repeat. But in those dark times, I would always lift myself up by returning to my mantra: “mama’s got this” (followed by a heaping cup of coffee, best enjoyed cold, I've learned...).

Let’s face it, when you're three weeks postpartum, insanely sleep deprived, consistently covered in bodily fluids, and desperately wanting to use your free seven minutes of the day for something other than taking a sitz bath and applying ointment to your cracked nipples, you need all the support (and wine) you can get. You need to be reminded that you can do it!

As my first pregnancy progressed, and my darling seedling grew, so did my idea of creating a line of products dedicated to reminding mamas that they, too, can do this. Mama’s Got This wants every mama to know that they are appreciated, respected, and loved—that they’re never alone, no matter how hard things get.

Fast forward to January 2020, and I was so blessed to deliver another healthy, happy baby girl. Aquinnah was promoted to the role of big sister to little darling, Orly, and I was reminded yet again how vital it is to have support. When Orly was 6 weeks old a global pandemic was declared and the power of a virtual village became even more apparent and appreciated. I felt much more prepared to handle the ups and downs of motherhood, but I never expected to do it in such isolation. Even in the darkest and most tiring moments, I still know I can do this and I rely on my mantra to help me see the light.

I realize that my experiences pale in comparison to the hardships faced by so many mothers around the world. I also understand that words alone are often not enough. This is why a portion of all Mama’s Got This proceeds will be donated to charities that help mothers in need. Purchases made in Canada go to Jessie’s: The June Callwood Centre for Young Women  and Humewood House (from Canadian purchases), and purchases made in the US depending on region of the customer, go to The Joy in Birthing Foundation (from US/International Purchases), and Room to Grow. These charities all have something very important in common, they all work tirelessly to increase the outcomes of mothers and their babies from pregnancy to parenthood. 

Please help us spread the good word. I hope you feel empowered when you wear our products. I hope you know that even when things seem wildly difficult and nothing is going your way, you can remember: mama’s got this.